ATLAS GROUP® has been operating in Slovakia since 2010 with the aim of concentrating professional capacities in the areas of accounting, taxes, auditing, law and business services. We are a team of professionals who have a single goal – to simplify business for our clients once and for all.

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Our purpose is to provide clients with professional advice at the level of international standards, with an emphasis on high expertise and the quality of our services. We not only provide our clients with a solution to their current problem, but more importantly, we assist them in implementing long-term management
systems and optimizing their resource utilization. With experience from multinational consulting companies, all of our partners, team leaders and certified experts have years of experience in financial management of companies and in top-level state functions. In addition to this knowledge, we know the processes of state institutions, procedures, and processes of state administration bodies. This is not only an advantage, but a necessity for large investment projects. Our experts participate in various projects in the private and public spheres, for entities of all sizes that operate in various sectors of economic activity. If you are interested, we will be happy to present our references to you. The ATLAS brand underwent a significant transformation,

which brought about a change in the logo, slogan and direction. Our aim is to build a leading position in the provision of consulting services in the future. Despite this, the mission cannot succeed without two key pillars – employees and excellent quality. Together we create, grow and achieve success. We are convinced that a high-quality consulting service is the key to the success of our clients. With modern consulting, clients will receive a comprehensive service that brings real benefits to them. Consultative strategies lead us toward a goal, at the top of which is a satisfied client. Our team  provides a comprehensive service of modern consultancy.

“No entrepreneur should allow tax, accounting or legislative responsibilities to take away from the
time they plan to invest in developing their business idea!“


Social Responsibility

Our goals are based on the needs of the internal and external environment and are designed to include the social and environmental aspects of our activity. Our aim is to develop strategies, decisions, and activities that are desirable from the standpoint of the goals and values of the society in which we live. In practice, we apply the so-called “triple-bottom-line” concept, which says that economic interests do not have to be in conflict with social and environmental ones. In addition, we also seek out ecological alternatives to common things that are more environmentally friendly, such as creating Green-office working environments in which employees feel comfortable.

We are constantly trying improve the quality management system, especially at the level of quality provided services to our clients. Quality service can only be provided by a satisfied employee who is interested in improving his qualifications and contributing his work to growth of the ATLAS group.
A passion that motivates us to improve our qualifications and to be constantly on top of things so that we can provide our clients with high-quality consulting. At the same time, it is a passion for helping the client and solving any of his business problems. We are not afraid of anything new.
Innovations bring more ecological solutions. In our world of consulting, it is mainly digitalization that allows us to be more friendly to nature. We motivate employees to use modern technology to minimize printing documents.
Cooperation is necessary at all levels of our organizational structure - both vertically and horizontally. The work of an individual follows a chain of processes leading to the client's satisfaction. Respect for the time and work of others moves us forward. We are only stronger together.

Our Team

Ina Kováčová Bečková

Partner / Tax advisor

Ina has been working in the field of tax consulting since 2005. She is a member of the Slovak Chamber of Tax Consultants, where she works in the methodological-legislative commission for PO income tax as well as the commission for VAT. She is a member of the accreditation commission and a member of the program board for the internal system of quality assurance of higher education at the University of Economics in Bratislava. It provides advice to clients in the field of tax advocacy, tax administration and setting up tax processes. He also defends clients in tax proceedings. She is an expert in the field of foreign direct investments.

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Jitka Kazmerová

Partner / Head of accounting

Since 2008, Jitka has developed her profile from the field of accounting and taxes to a senior consultant, while since 2012 she has worked in the ATLAS GROUP® group, since 2017 as a manager of two companies of the group. She handled the accounting of companies of various specializations. Today, she mainly deals with accounting and tax consultations of a more comprehensive conceptual nature and forensic accounting, consultations and accounting of securities traders, accounting and tax consulting activities in the field of custom real estate construction, and solves conceptual and identification processes for each major new client in order to simplify the process arrival at our accounting and tax office. Jitka is also completing the expert program at the Institute of Experts in Bratislava, Department of Economics and Management, Accounting and Taxes, and Controlling. Jitka also has experience in the field of transfer pricing implementation in practice in the form of a basic internal directive on transfer pricing, as well as in the form of the transfer documentation itself.

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Zuzana Zvončeková

Partner / Attorney at law

Zuzana graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Matej Bel in Banská Bystrica in 2006. Zuzana is registered as the attorney by the Slovak Bar Association under registration No. 5133, since 2010. Zuzana performed her advocacy praxis for one of considerable Law Firm in the position of Managing associated partner. Since 2018 Zuzana established her own Law Firm. During her long-lasting legal praxis, Zuzana gained reach experience in a wide range of legal sectors. This includes complex covering of legal agenda for the domicile and foreign clients in Slovakia, contractual agenda, elaboration of due diligence, corporate law, construction, real estates, as well as representation of her clients before courts and other legal authorities in the agenda of disputes.

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Anna Medvec


Anna is a graduate of the Faculty of Management. During her studies, she gained experience mainly in the field of management methodology, communication in connection with company structures, as well as in their creation. At the same time, she applied the acquired knowledge and skills in practice during her studies, as part of her work as an Advisor at the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family. Anna, as a part of the ATLAS Group company, is primarily dedicated to ensuring complex administrative support activities for the company's management, and also activities in the field of human resources, assisting in the creation and implementation of processes as well as creating a smooth and comfortable. environment at the workplace

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Peter Madlenga

HR Development manager

Peter is a graduate of the Faculty of Business Management, where he mainly focused on financial and economic analysis and expert evaluation of companies. During his career, he was engaged in business activities, education and training of businessmen, process management and business consulting. At ATLAS Group, Peter is primarily engaged in employee education, as well as coaching of key people in the company. Peter also helps improve internal communication and strengthen working relationships and processes that lead to more efficient work performance.

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Silvia Vojtková

Chief Accountant

Silvia graduated from the Accounting and Financial Management study program at the Faculty of Economic Informatics of the University of Economics in Bratislava and also graduated from the Additional Pedagogical Studies at the Faculty of Economics in 2019. While studying at university in 2017, Silvia started working for the ATLAS GROUP® as a junior accountant. During the mentioned time, she rose to the position of chief accountant. Currently, Silvia processes the accounting of a company with different business orientations and maintains accounting in various software, at the same time she participates in support activities during consultations and counseling and guides junior accountants in their work.

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Romana Faklová

Chief Accountant

Romana graduated Faculty of Business management at the University of Economics in Bratislava in 2014. Romana has been working in the ATLAS GROUP® since 2016. While working in group is Romana engaged in the accounting and income taxes of companies from various business areas, for example private security services, transportation services, moving services, creative and advertising services, movie production, software services. In her work are also included consultations with clients regarding the direction of their business.

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Ľuboš Vlašič

Senior Accountant

He gained experience in accounting from several outsourcing companies since 2013. During this period, he learned to work with several accounting software and gained experience in various business areas and in taxes. He has been a member of the ATLAS GROUP team since May 2021 and specializes in bookkeeping, tax consultations, reporting for business companies and contribution organizations, and purchasing goods from third countries. Within the portfolio of our clients, he has knowledge and work with the liquidation of business companies, custom production. In the past, he was also involved in the processing of the payroll and the management of HR.

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Gabriela Macková

Senior Payroll Specialist

Gabriela graduated from high school in the field of business and entrepreneurship. Immediately after high school studies, she used her acquired knowledge and got a job in the field of financial accounting. Later, she focused her work on HR and payroll, which she has been working on for more than 20 years. As a part of the ATLAS GROUP company, where she has been working since January 2022, she has developed into a chief HR and payroll specialist, where she ensures complete processing and management of the payroll.

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Patrik Kochan


During his three-year internship established himself as an independent accountant in the field of accounting and taxes. Since 2019, he has been working in the ATLAS GROUP® group. While working in the group, he deals with accounting and processing income taxes for companies from various business areas, for example consulting services, streaming services (YouTubers), e-shops, or renting office space. In addition to accounting for more than fifteen companies, his activities also include the organization of teambuilding events and the creation of friendly relationships in and outside the workplace.

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Erika Kochanová

Junior Accountant

Erika graduated from the Business Academy in Brezno, which she graduated in 2019. After graduation, she applied the acquired knowledge and skills to the position of administrative employee in accounting. She has been working at ATLAS GROUP® since 2022. Here, Erika filled the position of junior accountant, where she mainly deals with the accounting agenda, which includes primarily invoicing, accounting of supplier invoices, bank statements and treasury documents.

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Matej Soliar

Junior Accountant

Matej is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics of the Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica. He completed his studies in 2019. In 2017, he received an international IES certificate based on the completion of the course "International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) - special from A to Z" held in Prague under the guidance of doc. Ing. Lenka Krupová, Ph.D., MBA. Matej joined ATLAS GROUP® in 2021 as a junior accountant. In this position, he performs auxiliary work for a senior accountant regarding companies whose main activity is the purchase and sale of goods. Matej also accounts for 3 companies of our ATLAS GROUP® group.

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Monika Karafová

Digitalization & Innovation

Monika studied economics at the University of Economics in Bratislava and she graduated in 2019. Since 2019, she has gained experience in the pension benefits department of the Social Insurance Company at the headquarters, where she worked with the Social Insurance Act. Subsequently, she did an accounting course. In 2022, she was employed at Atlasgroup in the position of digitalization & innovation process assistant. She works on the electronization of accounting documents and participates in improvement processes in the area of digitization. She works with invoices, accounting software and programs necessary for electronic processing.

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