Who we are




“It all started in 2005. We decided to create an accountancy and law firm partnership since our clients often sought answers from both an accountant and lawyer. The number of year-on-year legislative changes increased from one year to the next, and there was an increasingly more difficult performance of activities by state institutions. Based on our experience and the high expectations of our clients, we have gradually expanded our work on tax consultation.

I am very proactively oriented and look at the problems of our clients in particular as challenges that motivate me to achieve better results and innovative solutions. When establishing the ATLAS Group®, I was inspired by successful multinational companies, and together with our partners we created a platform that helps grow and develop our clients across all business sites.

Today, the ATLAS Group® is a stable and reliable partner with universal and comprehensive portfolios of timeless business services. We provide services to over 200 SME clients, both in Slovakia and in the EU, China and the US. We are constantly improving and developing, gradually expanding our portfolio and working with real professionals in our brand. We monitor current trends and innovations in the business world and, through quality and objective information, we provide our clients with the opportunity to make the right decisions.”

What makes us exceptional


We are members of recognized national and multinational professional chambers and associations, which gives us the potential to offer comprehensive business solutions at maximum quality and a high degree of responsibility. At the same time, the experience we have gained in completing numerous tax and legal procedures and solving complicated assignments can be applied immediately and flexibly in further practice.


Our services use a truly wide portfolio of clients from different segments, which motivates us to maintain a high standard of knowledge and expertise. We build trust at all levels of cooperation and long-term partnerships with our client well beyond the framework of agreements. We cover a wide range of business services, with versatility and reliability being the skills our experts have.


We provide a comprehensive portfolio of cross-sectional solutions for legal, accounting, tax, management and advisory services. We guarantee a maximum quality and efficiency of service provided to each of our clients. We offer complex solutions and models of cooperation according to the client’s specific requirements and, of course, professional support and the creation of a research plan in the case of their future economic activities.


Discretion is self-evident. Our specialists are bound to confidentiality contractually and legally. Data security is guaranteed by a high level of protection and double protection of our own information system. Our experts have experience with every commonly used economic software. We provide services using our own software or through remote access to the client’s economic system.


We care about the continuous training of our employees because they are the most important part of the ATLAS Group®. Our specializations require the constant renewal and consolidation of the acquired knowledge, a discussion about a current situation, but above all, the knowledge to predict on the basis of market and legislative information. The dynamically developing environment of modern technologically advanced forms of business and related legislative standards motivates us to find optimal solutions and apply them in practice.


Having real-time, unambiguous information is necessary in a period of informatization. At present, the market is overwhelmed by automation and digital technologies. So we consider the management of the client toward a digital form of reporting and business monitoring as one of our greatest competitive advantages. In practice, we use the most available tools that save both the environment and your resources.


Our goals are based on the needs of the internal and external environment and include the social and environmental aspects of our activities. We are also striving for decision-making strategies and activities that are desirable in terms of the goals and values of the society in which we live. In practice, we apply the „triple-botton-line“ concept, which says economic interests may not be against the social and environmental. This is why we create, for example, a green-office work environment where our employees feel good.

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