Our work brings about new and creative types of transactions. The modern and sophisticated management of the tax agenda includes, above all, high level of expertise and constant care of the currently available information. We work closely with our clients to create and implement tax strategies to achieve results consistent with the risk profile and business objectives of each client. We help to understand the tax implications of the client so that their business can be taxed the most effective way. Our primary goal as tax consultants is to minimize the required tax burden for our clients.

In the ATLAS Group® portfolio classical and extraordinary cases and projects that involve domestic and foreign operations and the formation of business groups have long been covered. Our standard services include:

   taxation of small and medium-sized enterprises,
   processing of VAT, taxes on motor vehicles, transfer of profit on the basis of tax,
   assessment of the eligibility of tax costs,
   tax refund from other countries,
   taxation of organizational units and permanent establishments,
   transaction consulting and tax optimization of individual companies and companies in the group.


We will take over the clients’ representation already at the tax audit stage, in the retirement proceedings, and we represent clients until the case is finally discharged in court within the administrative judiciary. Our tax team evaluates the tax burden, identifies risks, and consequently minimizes the total tax burden, with a view to maximizing benefits in domestic and foreign legislation.

In the framework of tax representation, we mainly provide the following services:

  filing of ordinary and extraordinary appeals against decisions of the tax administrator (tax levy, fines, penalty interest, etc.),
  registration procedures,
  filing of appeals for the review of the legality of decisions by financial authorities (tax levy, fines, penalty interest, etc.),
  regular representation of the client, communication with the tax administrator as well as solution of operational and usual cases and confusion on behalf of the client on the basis of a power of attorney.


The ATLAS Group® services also include tax planning. The client receives all the information necessary for optimization solutions in the near future under applicable legislation, taxation in domestic and foreign legislation, assessment as well as identification of tax risks and overall minimization of tax burden. In addition to tracking the targets set by clients, the ATLAS Group® can design a strategy in an effort to maximize benefits or at least minimize the damage that arose as a result of errors committed by the client in the past.

Tax planning particularly includes the following services:

  cooperation in auditing and pre-auditing, communication with the auditor,
  national and transnational tax assignments,
  identification of tax risks when entering foreign markets,
  taxation, possible implementation models and their impact on more demanding investment,
  sale (parts) of the enterprise.


On the basis of anti-shielding law, all persons who receive funds, property or other property rights from public sources above the statutory limit are obliged to prove to the end user the benefits and to register it in the Register of Public Sector Partners. (RPVS). Registration cannot be made by a public sector partner, i.e. the company itself. Entry into the register is only possible through an authorized person, since only one eligible person is legally authorized to communicate with the registering body.

An authorized person acts as a public sector partner. Submissions that have not been made by an authorized person are refused by the registering body. The ATLAS Group® performs registration in the RPVS and has practical experience with this purpose, which enables us to guarantee quality, trouble-free and prompt registration.

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