The diagnosis is based on a thorough fact-finding of the company’s factual situation, its analysis and evaluation in order to identify the necessary change. First of all we find the nature of the problem (technical, organizational, informational, psychological, marketing, or other), and which one is crucial. There follows the synthesis of the results and conclusions about the business focus to solve the problem and gain the desired benefits. The diagnosis can be complex, but it can only target one problem or a circuit of problems. After the diagnosis and assessment of the problem, we will prepare proposals for its solution (therapy). We work with state-of-the-art advisory methods, proceeding in the spirit of invention and innovations based on years of experience and rich knowledge.


Do you need to explore and assess specific areas in order to get an independent and objective view of the business? Are you preparing a bigger deal or planning a crucial decision (selling a business, selecting a business partner, acquisition)? We will provide you with a detailed business analysis that covers key areas of its operations (finance, marketing, law, human resources, processes, and environmental business activities). We analyze and evaluate the business with regard to its past, present and future market position. This method will allow you to know the strengths and weaknesses of your future partner thoroughly, or to uncover the risks and opportunities of a specific focus. We also use the self-assessment of businesses to determine the real status of the enterprise.


We focus on the company’s internal environment (financial resources, tangible resources, human resources and intangible resources) to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business, and to recognize what is strong and what is fundamentally different from competitors. We will create a basis for identifying the competitive advantage and the prerequisites for achieving it and, in particular, for maintaining it. We identify the potential of your business and its internal assumptions for its further involvement in the market and the use of business opportunities.


We identify, analyze and evaluate all internal and external factors that can be expected to affect the final choice of business goals and strategy. We will then examine the interrelationships and the links between these factors, on the basis of which it is possible to assess the suitability of the current strategy or decision to choose a new strategy. The starting point is an estimate of the future trends and phenomena that may occur during the strategic period.


allows you to identify and assess the prospects of the market in which the business operates, understand the dynamics of market development, identify key success factors, trends, risks and business opportunities. The output of a comprehensive market analysis is the determination of its size, the assessment of its dynamics, market research, the distribution system analysis and market prediction as well as the development of market development scenarios. The method is suitable for creating a market image and industry attractiveness, especially when planning significant business intentions or changes.


We will review and assess the core objectives, strategies, methods, tools, processes and staff designed to perform marketing tasks. We will monitor and compare marketing results (revenue, market share, knowledge, etc.) and compare them with established standards. We will focus on setting up a marketing strategy and all its implementation activities, identifying critical issues of major importance and proposing necessary changes and corrections.


We will conduct critical, complex, systematic, independent and periodic review of all marketing activities, programs, tools (product, price, distribution, communication, brand, goals, strategy). We identify problem areas, identify business opportunities and propose an action plan for measures to improve the company’s marketing performance (growth, sales, reputation, customer satisfaction, etc.).


We will advise you on finding a new business opportunity for your existing business. We will suggest how to market a new product or increase brand awareness, how to increase market share, how to deal with competition, how to gain and keep more satisfied customers. We will prepare a customized growth strategy depending on the nature of the business plan or product.


We will use a thorough analysis of business opportunities on foreign markets. Based on the monitoring of the various impacts and factors of relevant analyzes and the assessment of several options, we will propose an appropriate strategy for entering a foreign market.


Are you preparing or considering the preparation of an investment plan? For this purpose we will prepare a document that will either support or not support the acceptance of the project or its variant in the pre-investment phase. In the Feasibility Study, we gradually define and analyze the individual components of the project and its variants in terms of factors that fundamentally affect the project (financial, marketing and technical aspects) and we will assess the feasibility of the project with regard to the return on resources. In order to determine the basic orientation and the adoption of the main measures in the pre-investment phase of the project, we will prepare an Introductory Feasibility Study and we will recommend the follow-up of the project work with regard to costs, risk and efficiency.


Counseling and training in human resource management for companies and individuals

Employee development: We identify the potential and talent of an employee and/or team, set strategic training for you and your employees and evaluate the effectiveness of the resources used for human development. The target group is both management and non-management positions. We work with methods such as coaching, mentoring, training, workshops, diagnostics, consulting.

Self-identification and self-development: We will teach and help you streamline managerial skills. Within soft skills we offer development from communication, negotiation, presentation skills through time-management and life (work-life balance, burnout syndrome, self-recognition) to managing the team.

Individual and team profiling: Reveal your potential and the potential of your employees. We bring you individual as well as group/team and profiling. We work with world-recognized Hogan personality diagnostics, which reveals strengths, development sites, and motivation for individuals and teams.

Selection of employees: We carry out selective interviews, whether group or individual, strategically adjusting your selection processes to make them effective. We will provide you with the know-how to master these processes under your own direction.

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