We provide our clients with comprehensive legal advice and services in their business activities, not only in the field of company law, but also in commercial disputes, in execution, bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings. We also offer legal advice, consultancy and the development of any commercial law contracts. At the ATLAS Group® we ensure that each service provided is interconnected and in accordance with current legislation.

ATLAS Group® will advise you not only in the following areas:

  the establishment of different types of companies, changes in the registered office of the company, changes in the name, the restriction and expansion of business activities, personnel changes of statutory representatives, changes of shareholders, owners of business shares, cancellation (with liquidation or without liquidation) of business companies,
  legal advice, drafting and commenting on all types of contracts, including a sales contract, work contracts, business agreements, license agreement, silent partnership agreements, lease agreements, brokering agreements, procurement contracts, transport contracts,
  representation of clients in court and out-of-court proceedings in commercial litigation, representation of clients in execution, bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings.


We provide comprehensive legal services for debt recovery. On the basis of a legal analysis of the eligibility and enforceability of the claim, we will choose the most appropriate procedure so that your claim is paid as soon as possible and in full.

For reasons of economy and efficiency, we prefer out-of-court solutions and debt recovery in the form of pre-trial calls and negotiation. In case of non-recovery of the out-of-court recovery, i.e. if the debt was not settled, the repayment agreement or the securing of the receivable by a guarantee or by way of, for example, the right of repayment, etc., we proceed to judicial enforcement. We endeavor to burden our clients as little as possible, we can aid our clients with negotiations and court hearings.

Of course, we will consider other options, such as the opening of insolvency or restructuring proceedings, the filing of a criminal notice and others.

If the debtor’s obligations are not fulfilled, we proceed to execution by means of the drafting and full representation of the client in the enforcement proceedings.

If necessary, we also challenge the validity of legal acts by which the debtor dispose of their assets or oppose legal acts by which the debtor reduced their property (donation, sale, security, etc.).


Tax law is one of the priorities in the provision of legal services by our law firm. We will take over the clients’ representation already at the tax audit stage, in the retirement proceedings, and we represent clients until the case is finally discharged in court within the administrative judiciary. In addition to tax administration, the ATLAS Group® services include tax planning and tax consultation. The client receives all the information necessary for optimization solutions under applicable legislation. Our tax team evaluates the tax burden, identifies risks, and consequently minimizes the total tax burden, with a view to maximizing benefits in domestic and foreign legislation. Within tax law we mainly provide services in the following areas:

  filing of ordinary and extraordinary appeals against decisions of the tax administrator (tax levy, fines, penalty interest, etc.)
  filing of appeals for the review of the legality of decisions by financial authorities (tax levy, fines, penalty interest, etc.).


We provide our clients with comprehensive legal advice and services when acquiring real estate ownership from the legal status of real estate, to preparing a complete contractual documentation for the transfer of real estate. We draw on the principle of risk prevention when preparing contractual documentation, and we always try to propose an appropriate way of protecting the interests of our clients in cases where the other party does not properly fulfill its obligations.

  purchase or sale contracts – reservation contract, purchase contract, donor contract, future contract, contract of incorporation, and other types of appraisal contracts related to the transfer of ownership,
  contracts for the establishment of the right of lien, the material burden and others,
  agreement on joint venture settlement arrangements/BSM
  lease and sublease agreements for land, dwellings, non-residential premises, administrative premises or business premises,
  works contract for the construction of real estate,
  legal advice and services in matters of superstructure, extension or extension of flats made in houses or apartment buildings,
  representation in cadastral proceedings and possibly according to the client’s requirements also in the construction procedure,
  authorization of contracts.


As part of labor law, we offer you a comprehensive view of this agenda and we are ready to design ideal solutions to individual challenges or challenges that employers face today. This concerns, in particular, the most efficient use of the available workforce and its optimization, both in terms of the company’s needs and the obligations imposed by the legislation in this respect.

  audit of employment contracts, monitoring the employer’s obligations in the employment relationship,
  preparation of employment contracts, material liability agreements and other labor contracts,
  termination of employment, notice, immediate cancellation, deregistration, accrual of years, confirmation,
  counseling in the field of labor law.


In the field of mergers and acquisitions, we provide legal advice on the entry of domestic and foreign investors into business companies, including legal audit and support for the purchase and sale of businesses. The ATLAS Group® team has extensive experience in conducting a legal audit in connection with a potential business transaction, such as the purchase of a company’s shares, a purchase and subsequent transfer of a business share or a loan from the bank.

   consultation focused on clients’ economic and business intentions,
   merging, integration and divisions of enterprises and mutual operations,
   preparation of the transaction process and documentation.


The trend in today’s business is the transfer of entrepreneurial activity or its part abroad, mainly due to the preservation of the anonymity of ownership, the protection of the property of natural and legal persons, as well as the tax optimization of the business.

The ATLAS Group® offers entrepreneurs with an interest in moving business activities or their offshore part the acquisition of ownership of a business company residing in low-tax countries: tax havens.

Ownership of the offshore company offers various benefits for entrepreneurs, such as taking advantage of a different legal environment of business, advantageous corporate income taxing, data on offshore company owners are not publicly available, or there is minimal administrative difficulty in this type of business.

Establishing a foreign bank account is also beneficial for business entrepreneurs, natural persons, entrepreneurs and non-business people for private purposes. Partner banks of the ATLAS Group® are exclusively reliable foreign banking institutions with many years of experience in both private and operative banking. At the same time, our partners are committed to maintaining banking secrecy, absolute discretion and excellent customer care.

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