Entities whose reported business activities have exceeded the statutory limits on net turnover, assets or staff numbers are required to audit financial statements.

In case of your cooperation with the ATLAS Group® partner accounting division you minimize the risk of lengthy auditing, as knowledge of the company’s obligation is discussed and agreed on continuously with the auditor. Our cooperation always starts with a careful analysis of the needs of our clients, which are small and medium-sized enterprises. We analyze information and data from general to specific in a broader sense, thereby minimizing the overlooking of real risks. Identifying business risks is therefore the most important part of the audit of any area of your business.

In cooperation with reliable external partners, we are ready to cover for you:

  the statutory audit of financial statements in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA);
 other reinsurance work (checks, insurance services according to individual offer),
  výkon predauditov,
 processing the audit of financial statements in the transformation of companies,
 forensic audit,
  financial due diligence,
  close cooperation with the accounting department and tax consultant.


The sale of a business as a whole or part thereof may be made on the basis of a spontaneous decision of the owner or in liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings. The sale or part of the business passes to the buyer all the rights and obligations to which the sale relates, including, inter alia, rights and obligations arising from industrial or other intellectual property rights in industrial or other intellectual property relating to the business of the business or part of the business sold. If there is nothing else to fulfill in the sales contract,, the buyer will also be automatically authorized to use the business name of the seller.

Selling a business or part of it is a very complex and demanding issue, both in terms of tax accounting as well as law and valuation of assets. With us you will go through all stages of the sale of the business or its part with the minimum risk of error because in this special type of business transaction we use our long-term practical experience in this field. We will take part in business negotiations with a partner both in the technical and in the communication part. This can help prevent inconveniences in the form of hidden defects of transferred items, an inappropriate business price for the purchased/sold property, or the tax impact of incorrect decisions in the future.


The financial and economic analysis deals with collecting, sorting and interpreting the necessary data on the financial situation of the company. It serves as a basis for a more accurate assessment of past situations and helps to estimate the direction of the business in the future. Using a high-quality financial-economic analysis, you will be able to identify the problematic areas of your business, weak management positions, and possible causes of a continuing adverse state. The priority of gaining the results of the analysis is to find an appropriate solution to ensure the maximum value of the invested capital and thus reach the maximum profit level at the given degree of risk.

The ATLAS Group® offers financial health diagnostics services based on rich experiences from the past, for different needs such as:

 for a tax administrator, e.g. in the case of an application for reduction of pre-tax payments for income tax,
for the surviving direct heir in the event of the death of an entrepreneur who was a member of the company together with other shareholders,
an assessment of the impact of the internal and external environment on the business,
 analysis of business development and relationships between indicators,
analysis of variants of future development and the selection of the most suitable variant,
interpretation of results, including proposals in financial and tax planning and company management.

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