One of the accompanying signs of every successful company is the ever-increasing volume of documents processed and the difficulty of the accounting agenda. Since we do business in the open market, and we increasingly have the opportunity to meet with foreign partners, the proper assessment of economic operations and cost planning is often an important condition for success.

In the turbulent business environment of Slovak legislation, there is a critical limit for which a company needs to entrust its accountancy to professionals. Not only because of the increasing administrative burden, but also because of the minimization of costs and financial savings related to error and unused opportunities.

Whether you decide to completely outsource your accounting processes and document circulation or have your own accounting department and are searching for the professional supervision of processed documents in your own information system, the ATLAS Group® offers a solution right for you.

With modern bookkeeping and the quality reporting of results we will free you from administrative duties and create a unique model of cooperation according to your requirements, which means:

 an independent view of economic operations in line with the requirements of valid domestic and transnational legislation,
 the availability of modern and practical solutions for effective setting up of processes and document management
 an individual approach to the client and for each economic operation using the available tools and experience,
 digital form of document processing as well as retrieval and maximum automation of accounting,
 active access to information from your accounts through reporting results,
 expert consultation prior to any national or supranational business decision,
 preparing at least two solutions to the given problem with practical justification and defining the possible risks and benefits,
 the smooth running of supportive administrative and counseling activities that will enable you to focus on your core business and its ongoing development,
 close cooperation with tax consultants and auditors,
 knowledge and active experience with current online trends and concepts such as youtube, CMS, PayPal, Bitcoin, digital platforms, license fees for application development and games, and more.


An independent view of financial and operating operations as well as company documents can reveal many shortcomings. It is not just about removing them, but also setting up the right processes, maximizing their efficiency, and reducing costs and improving company profitability.

ATLAS Group® performs audits and reconstructions of accounting, investments, costs or documents related thereto. The result is the introduction of clear rules into all areas of financial functioning of the company, which correspond to the current legal requirements.

With clients requiring targeted auditing and accounting reviews, we focus on many key areas such as:

  checking of the formal accuracy of submitted documents
  checking the correctness of the submitted accounting documents,
  checking of the assessment of the eligibility of tax or VAT deductions,
  reconstruction of accounts and VAT from previous periods taken from the previous accounting company,
  reconstruction of income tax and the assessment of the correctness of transferring profit or loss on the basis of tax,
  correcting errors from the previous period,
  reporting of checking or reconstruction results and regular communication with partners.


Wages and salaries are among the most significant employers’ costs, so their management should be in the company’s priority list at the same level as the tax and accounting agenda. Without perfect knowledge of the legislation in force and the resulting obligations and possibilities, the employer faces the threat of facing penalties on the part of the state authorities and spend their money inefficiently. Last but not least, there is the threat of unnecessary conflicts with company employees.

ATLAS Group® can prevent all these problems. Our experts have a detailed overview of current legislation subject to constant change. They have experience in dealing with both standard and extraordinary cases concerning wage and salary agendas as well as communication with the relevant official authorities. At the same time, we offer a comprehensive view of the personnel agenda, which includes not only the administrative activities associated with wage processing, but also labor law counseling consisting in optimizing working conditions and translating them into employment contracts.

We are ready to take over your entire payroll and personal agenda with all of its components such as:

  monthly processing of rates and wages,
  electronic submission of statements to insurance and tax administrators,
  annual accounting of employee taxes,
  labor-legal advice, preparation and audit of legal documents,
  optimization of working and salary conditions,
  preparation of documentation and representation of the client in the case of inspections from the National Labor Inspectorate or the Social Insurance Company,
  cross-border employee flow,
  personnel and wage audit,
  administrative tasks associated with staff turnover.

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