Optimization Processes

Utilizing the potential of the ATLAS Group®experts in tax, accounting, law, marketing, and personal management, we can help you streamline your business in all its aspects, from tax to marketing and personal optimization, allowing you to invest more in business development, which has other synergy effects.

Within the term tax optimization we can understand the legal process of seeking an optimal way of doing business and taxing income, taking all of the incoming benefits offered by valid legislation into account in order to minimize tax liability. Our tax advisors have rich experience in finding an ideal tax strategy and client structure and are ready to use all the opportunities offered by the law to your advantage. Of course, it is not about how to pay taxes, tax optimization is designed to pay just how much you really need to. In tax optimization, we can offer you the following services:

advice on international tax structures (including offshore solutions) with an emphasis on compliance with relevant Slovak and international law;
the establishment of companies in different jurisdictions, including tax havens.

In terms of marketing optimization as well as the optimization of business and entrepreneurial activity, it is essential to identify, analyze and evaluate all internal and external factors that can be expected to influence the final choice of business goals and strategy. Then it is necessary to assess the interrelationships and the links between these factors, on the basis of which it is possible to assess the suitability of the current strategy or to make decisions on the choice of a new strategy. The starting point is an estimate of the future trends and phenomena that may occur during the strategic period.

Our marketing specialists are also ready to carry out an audit of all marketing and business activities, programs, tools (product, price, distribution, communication, brand, goals, strategy) to identify problem areas, identify new business and business opportunities, and design optimizing measures to improve marketing and business performance (sales, growth, sales, friendliness, satisfaction, loyalty, customer preferences, etc.).

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