Due Diligence

In the ATLAS Group® we are of the opinion that the business challenges that our clients pose cannot be pushed into clearly separated categories. That is why we are constantly working in interdisciplinary teams for the most objective and broadest possible assessment of the business situation. The cross-sectional services of law, accounting, taxation and strategic advice under one roof enable us to undertake an in-depth business review that results in a comprehensive assessment of the legal and economic status of companies and other entities. Due diligence is required to minimize the client’s risks associated with the operation, achieving the optimal starting point of our client when negotiating with the counterparty.

Due diligence for clients in relation to intended transactions (acquisitions, sales of businesses, real estate sales, etc.) for the purpose of a comprehensive assessment of accountable relationships or in the context of audits performed on the basis of specific client requirements.

Through a thorough analysis of all the components of the company, we obtain valuable information about the client’s participation in the company, partners, shareholders and their mutual relationships, contractual labor and credit relationships, the rights and obligations of the enterprise toward third parties and threats of potential litigation, intellectual property disputes or the threat of other administrative or arbitration proceedings.

On the basis of a client’s request following a comprehensive legal, economic and marketing audit, the advice on the identified condition is followed so as to minimize the identified risks.


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