Business Digitalization and Automation

How would you like not having to physically carry your papers every month to your accountant’s office? Or streamline processes and save space in your office? Or look at your company’s results in a web app anytime, anywhere with Internet access? Or sign contracts or invoices electronically? Or receive electronic payment orders for your tax, which you can simply draw into your bank application for payment? With the ATLAS Group® and our reliable external partners, these questions can be answered to your satisfaction.

Digitizing documents and business is a major contemporary trend and phenomenon. No papers in cabinets and stackers, no printed invoices, minimal printing costs. This is also part of a digital and eco-friendly office.

The benefits of business digitization are:

  ecological point of view – document archiving is a necessary requirement of Slovak legislation, putting pressure on space and printing all necessary documents. Some of them are left behind, others archived, and unnecessary shredded or thrown away. The ecological aspect is important to you, at least for the sake of your company’s perception in terms of the public and the image improvement, to the true environmental impact of your business.
archiving – no archiving cabinets, printing information required to designate invoices under the Act as accounting documents. Everything can be solved electronically. The digital archive will provide you with much more space than limited space solutions. Even if you exceed the storage limit, it is always possible to expand this space at any time for other needs.
connectivity – we can help you connect with your documents that you can access virtually anytime, anywhere. At the same time, you will always have to return to the old documents; thanks to the digitization you can easily access them through the web application. Do you need to explain to the accountant what the invoice was for? Or will your accountant want to report that some data on some invoice needs to be changed? By combining all the parties right with the digital document, the process will be simplified.
availability– closely interconnected with the cloud. Through the cloud, digitized documents can be searched, archived, changed, shared, anytime, anywhere with Internet access.

Financial administration and other state authorities are slowly moving to electronization and digitization; we believe that the time will come when you can only arrive with a USB stick with electronic documents for a tax inspection.


How to start?

Consult all questions with us. Our experts will give you some cross-cutting solutions on how to get started on digitizing your office in the most effective way. We are prepared to digitize documents and electronic invoices or account statements since we have the possibility of providing cloud space separately for accounting documents for the purpose of conducting digital accounting and for other documents that do not directly enter into accounting, contracts, delivery notes, orders and other background documents. At the same time, we use the OCR outsourcing service, including the DMS Document Management System, where it is possible to process document approvals from receipt to your email in the most widespread version to posting in our economic software.

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