Business Solutions


In the ATLAS Group® we are of the opinion that the business challenges that our clients pose cannot be pushed into clearly separated categories. That is why we are constantly working in interdisciplinary teams for the most objective and broadest possible assessment of the business situation. The cross-sectional services of law, accounting, taxation and strategic advice under one roof enable us to undertake an in-depth business review that results in a comprehensive assessment of the legal and economic status of companies and other entities.


Utilizing the potential of the ATLAS Group® experts in tax, accounting, law, marketing, and personal management, we can help you streamline your business in all its aspects, from tax to marketing and personal optimization, allowing you to invest more in business development, which has other synergy effects.


Business combination processes are currently very up-to-date. The ATLAS Group® provides clients with comprehensive legal, accounting and tax services for all types of business combinations, from the sale of a business or its part, transfers of individual assets of companies, transfers of ownership interests, to all forms of mergers and changes in the existing legal forms of companies.


Digitizing documents and business is a major contemporary trend and phenomenon. No papers in cabinets and stackers, no printed invoices, minimal printing costs. This is also part of a digital and eco-friendly office. We are prepared to digitize documents and electronic invoices or account statements since we have the possibility of providing cloud space separately for accounting documents for the purpose of conducting digital accounting and for other documents that do not directly enter into accounting, contracts, delivery notes, orders and other background documents.


We will advise you on finding a new business opportunity for your existing business. We will suggest how to market a new product or increase brand awareness, how to increase market share, how to deal with competition, how to gain and keep more satisfied customers. We will prepare a customized growth strategy depending on the nature of the business plan or product.

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